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Brilliant solutions with a human touch

Energize your contact centre and develop a truly omnichannel customer experience by leveraging your H-factor.

What is the H-factor?

The Human Advantage

You are at the heart of a human network.

A contact centre is a living ecosystem where dynamic connections thrive. Each interaction, whether human or technological, generates information and valuable improvement opportunities.

In a world where technology is more accessible than ever, human relationships are still what make a customer experience memorable, unique and personalized. It’s people that make the difference.

At Prométhée, we’ve all been at the heart of contact centres and it’s our human experience that fuels our approach. We share our hands-on knowledge and expertise to offer a customer experience that truly stands out.

Our Offer

Business solutions

Maximize the impact of your contact centre by leveraging your H-factor.

We help to :

  • Reduce inefficiencies and costs
  • Improve service levels
  • Enhance call quality
  • Improve agent performance
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Client Solutions

Create legendary experiences by optimizing digital AND human channels.

We help to :

  • Reduce customer irritants
  • Reduce customer effort
  • Personalize and humanize your interactions
  • Increase customer retention and revenues
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Talent Solutions

Leverage your people to increase engagement and retention.

We help to :

  • Reduce turnover
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Increase team mobilization
  • Increase engagement in periods of change
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