Case study

Define the WHY of your team

The client’s challenges

Witnessing the rise of digital, automation, and artificial intelligence, the leader of a call center sought to restore meaning to his center and the work of his teams.

The solutions put in place

Prométhée completed a diagnostic that revealed employees’ questions and concerns about their group’s identity, their role, and their increasingly sales-focused expectations. 

Prométhée accompanied the management team in developing a new purpose for the CRC, using Simon Sinek’s methodology (Start with why).

The results

Defining and then communicating this new purpose gave the center a breath of fresh air to the teams and their many ongoing projects that involved new technologies, as well as an evolution towards the advisory role, and new skills.

This has resulted in greater employee engagement and consistency, as measured through Office Vibe surveys and project success.

By Guillaume Delroeux

Guillaume is President and Leader in Customer Experience Practice at Promethée Consultants and helps organizations with Customer Relationship Centres make the most of their technologies to maximize their impact and create legendary customer experiences.