Case study

Drive change through synergy between operations and marketing

The client’s challenges

An insurance organization committed to the growth of its market share called on Prométhée to help it increase its volume and transform its customer experience center.

The solutions put in place

The diagnosis of the current situation revealed the opportunity to give a more strategic role to CRC, in synergy with the marketing and digital teams. 

The management team developed and communicated its new vision and priorities for action to build a more proactive, customer-focused, and efficient center. This has resulted in increased engagement of the teams.

Project teams have been set up, bringing together agents and employees from different sectors to question the status quo, define new ways of doing things, and implement them.

The results

Within a few months, a new outbound call capacity was introduced, several unnecessary tasks were eliminated, and the latitudes of agents extended, all in the context of massive hiring and implementation of a new multi-channel telephone platform.

The teams achieved “never-before-achieved” results in terms of service quality, sales performance, and employee engagement. Most importantly, the new synergy between CRC/Marketing/Digital teams reinforces the differentiation of the organization.

By Guillaume Delroeux

Guillaume is President and Leader in Customer Experience Practice at Promethée Consultants and helps organizations with Customer Relationship Centres make the most of their technologies to maximize their impact and create legendary customer experiences.