Case study

Seizing the opportunities offered by chat

The client’s challenges

An organization in the financial sector was looking to assess the feasibility and opportunities of implementing a chat and SMS solution as the next steps in its customer experience strategy. 

The solutions put in place

Prométhée carried out a systematic evaluation of the customer experience, based on surveys and customer behavior on the various channels of the company, highlighting the opportunity to simplify the customer experience and increase the proactivity and advice provided to customers. This was based on a review of competition and best practices, Prométhée created the vision for the target channel ecosystem as well as the features for the chat solution.

The results

The implementation of the solution will improve the customer experience and reduce call volumes by 10%, allowing the project to become profitable in less than a year.

By Guillaume Delroeux

Guillaume is President and Leader in Customer Experience Practice at Promethée Consultants and helps organizations with Customer Relationship Centres make the most of their technologies to maximize their impact and create legendary customer experiences.